Wednesday, November 07, 2007

whipping girl

I was painting shutters this afternoon under the careful eye of the Man in Charge, the boy-child out of school early in what appears to be a disturbing trend of half-days. He prodded, he gave advice, he questioned if I had asked for Daddy's approval before picking up the paintbrush.

I wanted to 'clarify' my equal status with Daddy, remind him who brought him into the world and well, threaten to take him out again but I paused. The school bus house isn't going to paint itself; the rain cometh. I couldn't stop to call attention to all the blogs I read amazing things I do each and every day.

Lexi was too busy bashing a soccer ball against the garage door to inspect my work. She gets mad, she kicks the ball. She feels restless, she kicks the ball. I think she is working out some issues.
I like to call it instant voodoo.
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CamiKaos said...

It is so hard to be the one taken for granted with all that you do.

lapoflux said...

equal status for Mum and Dad - good luck. When all else fails you can resort to "Wit til your father gets home!"
The other day Stuart asked our neighbour who is in charge at his house. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground. He quite gamely told Stu he wasn't sure, but who is in charge in our house?
Apparently it's me (scary considering how littel listening he does - I think it's actually him some days!)

katydidnot said...

no fair...two in one day.