Thursday, June 01, 2006


I am trying to de-clutter our abode. I'm not all that interested in housekeeping, and I didn't inherit the cleaning gene (see exhibit A, my little sister Lori). But as our family grows older, I find it would be good to be able to find everything we need. The paper alone that comes through our home astounds me. So because I love to read, because summer is coming, and because my sweet 8 year daughter is a side-tracked wonder, just like me, I am white knuckling it to order.

I am realizing the clutter in my house, and my garage, is not all because I am lazy, or inept. Not completely anyway. It speaks to an attitude I have long held that the managing of our household is not Important, or Interesting.

My new approach works two ways: I will work on donating outgrown items, going through closets, organizing our daily round AND I will stop bringing junk into my house. I will be more deliberate in my choices-what to keep and what to bring in.

It's a start.