Tuesday, July 28, 2009

summer break

I have pretty much taken a break from blogging, and reading blogs all summer, but it's time I make it official, if only to ease my conscience.

Our niece is flying in from Boise next week - hopefully after our little heat wave waves good-bye - and then we are off to Hawaii. I know how August will go from there, slipping through my fingers as I get the kids ready for school, continue to train myself as a new Zumba instructor and work with our newest addition to our family, an English Springer Spaniel named Jake. (We are bringing him home in three weeks.)

I look forward to writing again here, sharing the last weeks of summer when I return, catching up with old friends when the days become shorter again, and I find time to sit down.

See you around the bend.

Google images; wish I had a swing like that for reals.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the good, the bad and let's not talk about the ugly

  • Good: The kids are at The Super Fun Camp all day, all week. I CAN DO ANYTHING in their absence.
  • Bad: I am not doing much; loafing. Well, being domestic and loafing. And The Super Fun Camp all day, all week is not overnight which has brought on an unexpected tearfest from the little people I claim as my own. I better start saving my pennies now for The Super Fun Sleep in a TeePee camp now.
  • Good: My kids are becoming quite accomplished swimmers; they make this landlocked mama so proud.
  • Bad: We are finishing up 4 weeks of evening lessons tonight. I'm ready for dinners, not on the run.
  • Good: I have spent countless hours with both of my kids, my friends, my friends's kids and surfed numerous VBSs, just the way I love to spend these long summer days.
  • Bad: My Google Reader IM'd me today, and is threatening to break up with me. I think it's in cahoots with my neglected blog.
and finally,

  • Good: I am becoming a certified Zumba instructor this Saturday. Me. A fitness instructor. This boggles my mind even as I look at myself in the mirror, at the body that isn't quite there yet, and still I can't see waiting until I "arrive". I love love love the music, and the people and somehow chasing this down mid-way on the fitness journey seems like a great example to my daughter, now that we are starting to have more body image talks.
  • Bad: I am having an untimely neuropathy flare-up, creating severe burning pain in my feet. I am putting on my brave face, and hoping I can dance my way through it. The pain will pass. Also: The lovely trainer has a visible sixpack. This is not bad in itself but somehow it leaves me slightly more neurotically nervous.
What about you dear reader? Or are you off, chasing summer down like me....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

a study in distraction

I was making waffles and sipping coffee when I noticed the recycling on the counter. Being the natural procrastinator that I am, I quickly chastised myself to take it to the garage because this waiting around stuff is silly. See also: my 20s.

So, I circle around the bin, passing cork boards recently recovered in the Post-Staging, Cleaning Out the Storage Unit 2000-niner - wuzzah - and it occurs to me that I should buy the gooey blue stuff and hang them today, before the Monroes come to dinner - should we have strawberry shortcake? - and shouldn't I be tacking up the medical paperwork to said boards of cork for camp next week, the way God intended.

(The cork boards were the first thing my realtor told me dump. Boo hiss and the destruction of any semblance of organization in the Casa Milton.)

I head straight to my laptop next because it occurs to me I don't know where the bus depot is exactly - darn identical strip malls - or how much we owe to make good with the camp, when I smell the burning waffles.

It's a wonder I ever get anything done.

Now, what was I doing?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

spectator season

I went in search of lumbar support, leaving the lawn and the decomposing goldfish crackers and staking out a chair.

It takes a ninja to land a chair. Thankfully, I had Zack.

We had swam all afternoon, and by we, I mean they, while I read and sweated and regretted leaving my suit at home.

I provided exotic milkshakes from the local burger joint but as Zack curled up in my lap during Lexi's lesson, I wondered if I had worn them down completely. Lexi swam lap after lap and I wondered how much longer my boy will snuggle up with me in public; truthfully, I wondered how much longer my boy will snuggle up with me when it was scorching hot out, but that's another matter.

These days are long, and I stretch them until the seams scream.

We tuck playdates, and Vacation Bible Schools, and camps and dinners and walks into long lingering days, always on the go.

But the hours, the moments? They are terribly intimate and fleeting, a boy resting on my leg, the two of us alone in the world, his sister gracefully moving through the water at our feet.

I bear witness to these days of their youth; I watch the babies I held just years ago - mine and the other children I love in my life - run and race and play in the bark chips.

And though I am active, I am thick in this season of watching, a season that both soothes my spirit and breaks my heart.

spring at the river

Monday, July 13, 2009


I woke to angry birds.

Maybe they weren't angry, but they were loud, persistent. I guess they had a lot to say this morning, at 5 am.

A truck backed up, joined the choir; plastic trash cans pulled across the pavement provided the back beat.

I shuffled into the kitchen, ground my beans and tried to siphon off some of the energy outside my door.

It's a wild shot on a Monday, but that won't stop me from trying.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

of death and hamsters

I asked after our geriatric rodent, as one might, innocently. Snickers seemed slower to me these days, and he had surpassed his life expectancy some time ago.

Still, I didn't expect to be hushed when Greg came into our room with a funny look on his face.

I didn't know that Snickers was dying last night until I had spoke too soon and then he was gone.

All morning, I waited for Lexi to remember how he was panting last night, for her to discover him for herself. But as she creeps towards her teens, she's prone to sleeping later and later and by the time she got up, I was actively keeping her from him.

I knew she'd be crushed - she'd understand - but she'd be crushed and I didn't want to dump her off for Orchestra camp, teary and miserable.

Then, she was invited to spend the day with one of my best friends, to grocery shop and cook dinner with her friend Quinn, and I kept the news to myself.

She will swim tonight and then I will tell her and we'll bury his little body in the hole Greg dug last night, knowing he'd be away when the time came to say goodbye to our girl's sweet little friend.

snickers returns

Friday, July 03, 2009

here's to independence

And bat ears.

Courtney has commandeered my blog because clearly I have been neglecting my computer. She says: Light 'em up and play it safe and enjoy this weekend.

(And also: When can she expect all the bells and whistles to stop? Because at 14 pounds, she's not really grasping all this patriotic fervor. She's bitty and unsure of the backyard now that our neighborhood sounds like a war zone. *sigh*)