Saturday, November 10, 2007

better safe

About a year ago, I noticed this strange brown mark on Lexi's neck. Like a birthmark, that arrives in 3rd grade. It had a funny shape, crouched in the soft part between her clavicle bones. I studied it for a while, worried. I googled and panicked and took her straight to the doctor.

Living with a chronic condition had made me paranoid. I knew I was paranoid, but couldn't stop myself. I think Cobain was right.

Dr. Generous came in and took a look. She dug through her drawer, her back to me. I cringed, picturing a biopsy, a trip to the hospital. Crazy. Crazy. Motherhood nightmares. Until the doctor turned to me and laughed. The cure? Rubbing alcohol, to buff away the congealed dirt patch. Her neck was dirty. Dirty.

Talk about feeling chagrined.

Dr. Generous tried to soften the blow. I mean, I had just spent $15 and my mental health for someone to wash my daughter's neck. She said it's an uncomfortable place to scrub, that I shouldn't be chasing my kids around with a washcloth at this stage. She made me laugh. She shouted down the hall to the nurse, something about how she was a miracle worker.

We left feeling sheepish, Lexi was ashamed. I stopped her in the parking lot and looked her in the eye. It's better to laugh with the doctor than to wait. Better to listen to your body. Better to take care of yourself.

And then I teased her about her filthy, sweaty neck and took her for ice-cream.


Adventures in Baby Fat said...

You're a mom! Paranoid, worry and psychotic tendencies come with the territory.

That is pretty funny though. A $15 spit wash! haha.

Kimberly said...

We have to have moments like this...to share and get a laugh...to let others know how human we are, just like them. It's part of how we make friends, I think.

CamiKaos said...

I think everyone did exactly what they should have in that tale.

Amanda said...

How my family will laugh now as I preempt all trips to the ER with a good old fashinoned scrubbin'.

Mrs. G. said...

A girl has a lot of things to do in this life...and washing her neck just doesn't always make the cut. I completely understand.

lapoflux said...

Too funny - thank you for sharing that one. Not everyone would have!
It's hard to know what is an emergency or not - if I take them to the doctor I know I am overreacting, if I don't I fear that they have something that everyone else would have recognized. Welcome to motherhood. Better safe than sorry.

Mrs. Chicken said...

I love this post. Poor Lexi!

tz said...

I had the opposite issue...my second son has dark spots on his skin, not exactly birth marks but colorations and patterns that look just like dirt and are more pronounced when he's exposed to sun...so i scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed...took him to the dr and it's nothing, just his skin, the poor guy was almost rubbed raw..

I've had 'boy that was a waste of time trips to the ER' and have had...'gee you're kid is worse off then you thought and take him to the ER' moments...you just can't win as a mom!

susiej said...

THat is SOOO dang funny.

Daisy said...

HA!!!!! That is so funny, and so like something that I'd do. Thanks for the laugh.

Spagirl said...

Never a dull moment at the Milton's. You guys always make me laugh!