Thursday, November 08, 2007

I thought I misunderstood, I thought it was a joke

I think our kids are in danger. What's. Going. On? Enough of this nonsense.


stephanie said...

Is it really mean that I just used your post to give Paige the final "no way" on the Aqua Dots?

But it is awfully unsettling that so many toys are a danger to our kids. I guess we just stick with crayons, old kitchen tools, and Play-Doh (you could technically eat that, right?).

CamiKaos said...

the whole state of terror that the toy industry is in is really upsetting. How did it devolve to this point? I feel awful every time my daughter asks to put something on her Christmas list or even asks a question about a toy, something she saw in a catalog or that a friend has (thank heaven for TiVo and OPB she doesn't see many commercials when she watches TV). I just find myself saying no all the time. I've explained the whole thing to her. I have told her what has happened to the toy industry and that we have to be careful.

I want to say it's sad but that isn't nearly a strong enough word.

Adventures in Baby Fat said...

Disgusting, isn't it? I am among the millions of moms who are sighing in relief that I had put a big, red, emphatic NO about getting that for my kids, despite the begging.

Still. What the heck? Our kids aren't even safe from toys.

tz said...

makes jaundiced home made girl doll in above post look like an ideal perfect gift!