Saturday, November 03, 2007

don't play well with others

Zack and I sat in my subaru, passing an hour last night, waiting for Lexi's troop. They were clearly running late, but we expected them to arrive at any moment, so there we were - Zack was toasted, wanting to go home and I was wishing he could be home, in bed and I could write today's post because I had something brilliant to say. Words lost in the dark. I should have scribbled under streetlight, but instead I played inane car games with a grumpy first grader.

That reminds me: I hate playing games. I hate board games, card games, darts, et cetera, but I fake my way in polite society because Greg has made it clear to me that everyone else in the world loves them, it's how normal people live. (I feel like Dexter.) I think there are others, others that secretly think winning plastic property is dumb, apathetic to pool and sports. We've just been properly shamed into silence.

But I pass, as a Mom - I make it work. My kids flash their big brown eyes, pleas for just one more game of Sorry. Who am I deprive them the joy of sending my red dooleybob back home?

On Friday, Zack started drawing nooses, getting ready to play hangman. He must have anticipated me begging off, me saying just this once before dinner. Above the scaffold, in big letters it said: DO IT! And then he did his best Ben Stiller impression, raising his eyebrows, trying out an accent.

And if they want to entertain me, bribe me, that's just fine. A sporty person might even call that a win-win situation, but I wouldn't know anything about that.


Pamela said...

urg. I hate games, too. Every once in awhile we'll end up somewhere and they want to play board games or ping pong or something humiliating and I want to hide in the car.

stephanie said...

You know though, once you've played Hullaballoo with small giggly children, it's kinda hard to resist. Do it, come on. Do it.

I think I only like the games I know I can win...

Mari said...

I'm a master at finding SHORT games. Mancala, etc. Several Cranium games are about 15-20 minutes total. Now they are even coming out with 20 min. versions of games like Clue and Monopoly.

And Monopoly, in my humble opinion, should be outlawed under the Geneva Conventions. Although, we are in a state of war, so I'm not sure where that leaves us.

Mancala. Cranium. Sedatives.

Mrs. G. said...

I hate games too, and I feel like such a sucky wife and mother, so I do what has served me well in so many other areas of my life...I fake it. I plaster a smile on my face and try to keep eye rolling and crappy comments under my breath to a minimum. I would so much rather be reading a book. Worst game in existence? Candyland, follwed by Mousetrap.

katydidnot said...

do it. that's good. i like zack.