Wednesday, October 05, 2011

sure to make you smile

I opened up my Google Reader, blew off the dust, and found some lovely posts to share with you.

Take a look:
Who's that girl?, by Amanda Magee
{she grew up in Eugene. i secretly hope it's in the water, this amazing strength & talent. i'd love to grow my girl up to be just like Amanda.}
Fall Drive, by SusieJ
{oh the fall foliage out east of my little corner of the world...thank you for posting this picture, Susie.}
Mighty Summit: visiting my earnest mood on you, Maggie Mason
{ah, she's famous among dozens, and i know why. i love the way she looks at the world.}
quoth the swapper, nevermore, by Sasha Libby
{the craft store is calling my name. i need ravens and poe, stat. i would love to play at her house.}
old girls gone wild, by Sam Persinger
{one of my best friends in this here real life. this old girl wishes she'd been along for the night out.}

Why have I been away for so long? I am inspired, encouraged, excited. Thank you, ladies.

Monday, October 03, 2011

 So it's about time I address the whole 'Hey, we know you're a slacker and all, and stopped posting regularly eons ago, but now your site is poof! gone' thing. It was nothing personal. It was a creepy stalker thing.

Picture one of those days when you are running errands and your kids are bickering and you feel sour & bitter which is not at all helped by the fact you are wearing yoga pants with Dankos for pete's sake, except you don't feel like saying pete at all but something foul while your nikes dry after a particularly soggy track meet the night before. I'm sure you've never had one of those days, lovely internet, but I was cranky and out of sorts and by the time I arrived at Trader Joe's, I was actively chiding myself to stop acting crazy for it was Friday after all, and I could go home and relax after I grabbed some groceries.

Long story short, a man began to follow me around TJs as I shopped, as I flirted with babies, as I talked up the cashier because of my undying affection for their staff. Yes, I noticed. Yes, I even thought once that it was weird that he didn't have a basket or cart or manners. But I thought I must remind him of his aunt Gretel or his older sister's best friend from Valencia, or something when I noticed he was pretty much within feet of me the whole time, watching me. Of course, when he came up behind me while I loaded my car full of groceries, and was filming, um, my posterior I was fairly certain he didn't think he knew me at all or maybe that's what they do in his family and ew. This scary encounter started with me shrieking at him in a very busy parking lot, and kicked off a month including a call to 911, the swift purchase of pepper spray, whistles, scared, sleepless children and a habit of texting my whereabouts to my husband at all times. (And once, to all my contacts, accidentally announcing my arrival to a job interview. Fun times.)

It passed. We relaxed. He has gone back into the woodwork, and I am back online. Something tells me the images of me yelling at a strange and creepy man in a parking lot are posted online - Frumpy Mothers of T.Joe's anyone? - or some far sicker site.

But with my sense of well-being intact again, it should be noted Creepy People, that I am not quite the same. I still flirt with babies when I'm out & about, but with pepper spray & a camera at my ready. (Fair's fair.)

And I can run damn fast. Even in my clogs..

Thursday, September 29, 2011

everyday I'm shuffling

I woke up shortly after the last bartender in town locked up, long before dawn. When I should have been still konked out with my blankey. But I heard my husband rustling around in the dark, headed for what is bound to be another long end of quarter sorta day.

He is a good man.

Me? The jury's still out, but I've faced down one nemesis this morning - the incredible, edible egg! Ha!* - and I have pumpkin muffins in the oven for the ones that used to be wee, back when I started blogging and I wrote about them a little too much. But they still like me.

They are good children.

I woke up thinking about this post and how I've been writing it in my head since Monday. The wind was picking up that afternoon, kicking a few leaves around my feet as I walked to the bus stop to meet my son. I read Zazen as I walked, splashing Earl Grey onto my dance pants until I came to the end of the road where I may or may not have practiced the tree pose for next week's class. (I totally did.) I had to laugh at myself, behaving like a run-of-the mill loony on Suburban street, but my days are like that right now. I am moving, racing, loving every minute.

I live a good life.

But I might need a nap.

*Um, I see you people eating your eggs, all tralala, feeling offended on their behalf. The eggs started it. I blame them. My epi-pen has my back.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy birthday, Caden

Caden & Zack at the meet
Originally uploaded by mama.milton.

How'd you get so big? The baby in the family is 6 today. We love you buddy.

OX, Aunt Sissy and co.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

well, hello there

stampede by mama.milton
stampede, a photo by mama.milton on Flickr.

Mama Who? Yes, I've been away for some time, and for good reason. (See how I hint there is more to come? Mwahaha.)

It's good to be back. What have you been up to, dear lovely reader(s)?

Friday, February 18, 2011

for the love: waking up to bumble & bumble

You know you are housing a (soon-to-be) teenager when the sweet smell of hair product wafts down the hall and competes with my morning coffee for aroma du jour.
Some things don't change, but I propose they do improve.

Our poor mothers.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

for the love: little liberty

Take a couple of hula-hoops...

Add some dreads,
And a statue of liberty costume and what do you get, rain or shine?

The happiest hula-hooping hippie-esque Liberty Tax employee, that's what. She's out there for hours, waving and hooping and generally making my day when I pass by.

What made you smile this week?

Friday, February 11, 2011

for the love: cardamom

I knew I had to give it a try, as soon as I saw a friend's FB post about the Buttered Chicken (murgh makhani) she had simmering in her crock pot. I mean really. When's the last time you had reason to sew cardamom pods together? I didn't think so.

(It's the best smelling needlecraft to date.)

Also: I think the plate is having a girl.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011

for the love: little vampires

I'm not sure what it says about me, the way I can detail any Buffy episode, sight unseen, on long drives while the kids watch in the backseat, but fanatic comes to mind.

(And also: Joss? I am ready for your next project.)

So yea. I have a thing for vampires of the non-sparkley variety.

Especially little vampires, sporting chucks.
That match the sky. (He must be wearing one of those magic rings that all the cool vampires seem to have these days. Poor Angel.)
While I love an angsty, brooding vamp as much as the next girl, happy little ones suit me just fine.
Run, Jake, run! Nevermind, puppy.
He's more interested in hanging out with the neighborhood girl with fangs.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

for the love

I don't know when I started using the phrase, 'for the love', but it's a staple in our household.

Like 'clean your room, for the love'.

Or 'I made you some coffee, for the love'.

(And it's meant sweetly; it's not short 'for the love of God'. That has a somewhat different tone, no?)

So for the month of February - and yes, I'm aware that I am running late; what's new? - I am seeking out the things that make my heart sing.

It's good for the soul.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Dapple. Dapple. Dapple.

It was the word whirling around in my brain, as I walked the dogs this morning, early enough so that many a commuter got to see me pick up the business Jake so graciously dumped along a busy corridor.

Dappled in sunshine, words robbed of their meaning, being quaint and all. But it was ever so lovely out today, I could hardly stand it.

After a four mile journey, both mutts came to rest on my unmade bed, exhausted and utterly content to lay in the sun.


My days are interrupted since the move. We live auspiciously close to both schools, yet too far to realistically walk back and forth to their respective schools, especially considering their schedules are staggered. [Come spring - and more sunshine dapple dapple dapple I plan to work in walking/riding bikes, etc one drop-off/pick up or another each day.] So I'm a preschool mom again, setting timers for the school Siren's call, luring me in to the schools four times a day.

Or in this case, five. Today, as I write this, I wait with my son and both dogs while Lexi auditions for a play. Or at least I hope that's what she's doing. She has been trying to talk herself out of it all winter break, as her Dad and I try to convince her it's a great idea. And it would be good for my introverted girl to go through any audition. Of course she knows that 'good for you' is just parentspeak for pushing yourself into doing something difficult, like eating your veggies or getting along with your brother. So I'm especially proud of her for trying something new, something that puts her on edge and opens new doors for her.

And if someday soon, she is dappled in spotlight - please help me - all the better.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

resolute (Or conversely: How to channel Sue while gripping a large bottle of vino at Safeway)

I took an informal poll (I watched talk shows & pundits while disrobing the Christmas tree and consulted my dogs) and the results are in: Resolutions are out. Apparently because they are bogus and don't work.

Now I don't take to a pen and get all serious with New Year's resolutions on January 1st, but I still contend that making realistic changes to meet goals is time well spent, whether at the beginning of the calendar year, or school year or randomly on February 29th, every four years. I personally like to re-evaluate my lifestyle every season, and see what I'd like to take up or leave out, and it works for me and my silly brain. Three months feels just right to me.

Pauses and ponders momentarily

However, I tend to recall picturing 2010 far differently last January, and being flexible made the curve balls and other cliched surprises far easier to handle. For instance:

  1. I started subbing as a staff assistant in a special education classroom and found that I really loved working with the young children in the program, as did my daughter.
  2. Which led to me getting to teach Zumba, on a occasion, at the school.
  3. And then I left that behind, and made a rather abrupt move, leaving behind any job connections
  4. I had an opportunity to go to Italy, France & Monaco in August, and
  5. I have more time now to pursue writing & crafty goals, the thing I was seeking last year, but never managed because of all the other plans 2011 had for me.
So clearly I am no better at this stuff than the pundits, filling air time and chewing up what remains of my braincells.


It was mid-December and I was Bound & Determined to finish my errands that morning, donning a dirty post-workout ponytail and track suit. I was finishing up at Safeway, grabbing a gift card and some wine for the company that was due to be arriving in a few days. My December (tired, hungry, crabby) reptilian brain lit up upon seeing the massive bottle of Mondavi on sale. Problem solved and away I went through the express lane. Except you know that's not how it happened. I ended up at customer service because the gift card may or may not have been properly activated at the self-servicy thing.

Customer service. Heh. It was deserted, save for the four employees that would cash their paychecks before I was acknowledged, and after ten very long Christmas minutes passed. Of course, the clerk wasn't much help as she tried read my Magical Starbucks Card like a tarot card.

And here's when I started to lose my (lizard) mind: She told me three times, chanting really, that they were going to put a sign up, warning customers of this little debacle days before, but they had been too busy. Telling me that instead of solving the problem with a sharpie, they had opted for the now 20 minute hassle/tarot session, again and again, during the height of holiday shopping.

I tried to be sympathetic, I did, and I thought about offering to make the signs up myself but then a bunch of employees started taking turns wishing another employee 'Happy Birthday' over the loud speaker, so I figured I'd let them handle their own sign dilemmas. That and any insistence that they remedy the problem seemed to fall on deaf ears, coming from a Sue Sylvester disciple clutching one enormous bottle of wine.

Oh well.

But it got me thinking: Sometimes all the talk and intention in the world isn't enough, and we have to be resolute to make things happen, to take action, even as we hold on loosely to a world quick to change under our feet.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


Things are different this year. This is not entirely good. Nor bad. Ours lives are different.

(And for the expanded version of this spiel, cry and name something, anything, you wish were different. I am the master of the change spiel this year. I console myself with it all the time.)

And now I sound all somber and blue; I'm not. After having company here in Eugene, and traveling to see both sides of the family, and Greg's end of quarter and seeing some of my dearest friends over break, I'm just rightfully tired and in love with the low key right now: putting around the house, planning Zumba sets, napping and reading.

Yet today is Greg's birthday, and though we aren't hosting a party this year, as God as my witness, I will get out of this robe (not yet) and celebrate like a proper wife ought to.

(I see football and wine in my near future.)

So happy birthday to my dear husband. I adore you. I really, really do.