Tuesday, November 06, 2007

it's still a wonderful life, just a bad day

Our story begins in mid-progress. The screen is black and two disembodied voices discuss the going's on down below, here on our big blue marble. Let's listen in...
Franklin: Hey, did you call? I was out of range, missed it.
Joseph: Looks like we need you to work your magic again, dude.

[These angelic beings are west coast spirits. They say 'dude' and 'man'. It comes with the territory.]

Franklin: Is that cat Britney shaving her head again? Because she's totally gonna lose her kids...
Joseph: Nah, it's just...
Franklin: Please tell me it's not that election year. I hate November.
Joseph: No, man. It's this blogger, Mama Milton. She's sick and discouraged - things just aren't vibing for her, and worse yet she hasn't posted today.
Franklin: And it's November...Isn't she doing the NaWriNoMo?
Joseph: She wimped out.
Franklin: So all she has to do is post?
Franklin: Dude. What's her problem?
Joseph: She's bummed out after her visit with the doc today and her kids are driving her bats. I think it started when her kid started getting up so early.
Franklin: I think he got up in the night too. She finally gave up and slept in his Incredibles bed.
Joseph: And the girl. She's getting a mouth on her.
Franklin: She better hide the clippers.
Joseph: I hear ya.
Franklin: So, what's she doing now?
Joseph: She's looking through a recipe book and listening to Love & Logic - at the same time. She's quite stubborn.
Franklin: What's she mumbling anyway?
Joseph: I think she's telling herself that tomorrow is another day, that it will seem better after she sleeps on it.
Franklin: Should we call in Clarence?
Joseph: I think she'll pull through. Besides, I think he'd annoy the snot outta her.
Franklin: We'll just keep an eye on her, just in case.
Joseph: Good night, little blogger chick.
Franklin: Sweet dreams, mama dude.
Mama Milton locks up and moseys up the stairs, to rest her weary head and watch House.
She's in the mood for a little snark.


Mrs. G. said...

I don't think there is anything that Hugh Laurie can't fix...I mean he is a doctor.

I love Love and Logic...it has really helped me in the teen department.

stephanie said...

Hey, I used Love & Logic just tonight! And it saved my sanity AGAIN! Hope it pulled you through, too.

Great post; sorry to hear about your pain...Would it help for me to climb a giant wobbling chair in the dark again?

take care*talk soon

kevstephb said...

here's to a better tomorrow. uggh that sounded like a political campaign or billboard for healthcare, but I mean it just the same.

Love and Logic? as in "Parenting With Love and Logic"? You have that on CD? I have the book. I am trying to stay ahead of the game by reading it now with an 11 month old, but I have a feeling that it won't be long before I feel like I am lagging behind in my parenting skills.

tz said...

House is one of my favorite shows! i really wish at times i could say the things he does!
great post. hope today is better!

SusieJ said...

What a sweet spirit you have. All bummed out -- and you come up with this little gem. My favorite movie of all time. Not sappy, just perfect. Glad you heard the bell but the bell was always within you.

Kimberly said...

This is, without a doubt, the most brilliant post I've read all day. And I'm not telling you how many I've read because that would be just soooo embarrassing. Seriously.

day late but not a dollar short said...

Clarence would bug the crap out of me too.

Hope you are (still) feeling better.