Wednesday, November 07, 2007

st. helens

Wordless Wednesday
{PS: I heard the bells last night. I feel better today.}


SusieJ said...

The bells -- like angel's are getting their wings? I'm envy over your views.

cheh said...

Fantastic shot! Really gorgeous view indeed!

happy WW to you lisa!Thanks for sharing this!

Chris in Oxford said...

Beautiful. I love Mt. St. Helens, one of my favorite places that I visited in the NW.

Our new baby is named Zach as well!

Mrs. G. said...

I've lived here a long time, but I never get over seeing this as I drive down the freeway. Pinch me...do I really live in the most beautiful place on earth.

stephanie said...

love it love it love it all. We live in the best place ever.

pips said...

I heard already many over St. Helen. Very impressing.