Friday, March 21, 2008


Good Friday is here, and my fever is gone. I am so thankful - congested, but thankful. Soon I'll be hurling my beleaguered self to IKEA for birthday goodies for two worthy kids and picking up groceries to whip up some carrot cake cupcakes. I'm jacked up on tea and hoping to catch up a little today.

But my heart is heavy for two families at my church: One family lost their infant son, here too early and gone an hour later. Two other bitty kids lost their mother, dead in her sleep at 26. 26.

I'm sitting here with stationary, not knowing what to say. I just don't know.

And as I fret to get it right - on paper, for Easter, for their birthdays - my life feels so full. I get to raise my children, even when they make me nuts.

Busy never felt so good.


Cheri said...

Ae you fret to get it right, remember the words of Napoleon Dynamite:

"Just follow your heart. That's what I do."

You are brilliant with words and feelings, so whatever you say will be fine, the important thing is that you know to say something and that you will. So many times folks don't know what to say it situations such as this, and so they make the mistake of saying nothing.

Glad you're feeling better. Have a great Good Friday.

Cheri said...

Heck, there were a lot of typos in my comment, and I detest typos. My keyboard is acting up on my laptop. It has flax seeds in in. Don't ask.

Cheri said...

"In it" Dang.

jennifer h said...

Two very sad stories, unbearably sad.

You'll find the words.

Stu said...

I'm glad you are feeling better even with a heavy heart.

We are looking forward to seeing you and the kids on Monday.


Stu said...

I'm glad you are feeling better even with a heavy heart.

We are looking forward to seeing you and the kids on Monday.


mushroomvillagers said...

The other's are right. You'll find the words even though they are full of sadness, words make a difference.
And yes, we are the lucky ones to get to watch our children grow.

Oh, The Joys said...

That's hard. Hard stuff to deal with.
Hug those littles...


Amanda said...

Oh lord. Revel in your life, that will put the best message into the universe, whether it makes it tidily in a card or not.


Mrs. G. said...

This is the fourth death I've read about today. And the fourth reminder to remember each day is a gift.

Daisy said...

Oh my... I'm so sorry to hear about these deaths. Every life is precious.

Have a wonderful Easter and revel in knowing He Is Risen!!!!

stephanie said...

I'm so sorry about your church friends. I know you will get right what you want to say.

And I am quite glad you're feeling better, through no help from me...Please forgive my lack of care & concern this week.

We're so looking forward to Monday's festivities!

tz said...

How very sad for those families, I do hope they will one day find some comfort.

It really doesn't matter what you write, just knowing someone is thinking of them is often times enough!

cipriano said...

Let me just say I have yet to have ever encountered a woman whop admitted of her propensity for flatulence, [read your profile] even jokingly, and so.... you are my hero!
I am, too. Flatulent, I mean.
I hang one of those pine trees for the car, from my beltloop... it helps.
Or so I think!
-- Cip

Beck said...

26. Good grief. That's terrible.

JCK said...

Those notes are so hard to write. I think it so lovely that you are taking the time to write a note.

So, so true...for our many blessings, reflected each day in our children - no matter that they can also make us insane.

Grandy said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, and am sorry for the families in your church. It definnitely makes one appreciate how precious life is.