Thursday, March 20, 2008

lenten update and six words

I was feeling smug about my lack of yelling/screeching during lent - and considering taking on my smug attitude next - when I blew it Wednesday.

So much for the thoughtful post about letting go of my anger.

(I tried, Yoda, I tried.)

I have noticed a change in myself, that losing my temper and raising my voice has become indulgent, a habit I could put down, with a little effort so it was worth working on.

However. I pulled myself out of bed yesterday, dizzy and feverish to let my kids in after school and pounded the Motrin so I could manage until Greg returned from his trip when both kids launched into bickering over their Annie's Bernie Os. And then they started hitting each other.

I said, quietly - not because of my peaceful, spiritual state, but because I have Flu Throat, sore beyond words - to please stop. To get along. To keep their hands to themselves.

But my patience wavered and I gestured them to their rooms, laryngitis making my promise impossible to break. My attitude sucked, though. I was exasperated.


Bad Mom tagged me for the six word memoir; man that's tough. On a good day. Still, I'm going for it:

Boy, babies, books. Future looks bright.

Ain't nothing a nap can't fix.

Pass the Jr. Mints; show's on.

Ministry didn't fly. This girl's happy.

What would Buffy do? No, really.

Hubby on the road. Boo hoo.

Want to give it a shot? I'd love to read yours. You could even tuck 'em in the comments.


Stu said...

Smart ass comments? Got 'em ready.


jennifer h said...

I could use a period of laryngitis (as long as it's pain- and flu-free). It must be possible to break the yelling/screeching habit...ugh.

Hope you feel better.

brandy101 said...

feel better!!

K. said...

Jedi Master Yoda says, "Do or do not. There is no try." But on this one occasion I'm going to have to go against Yoda in all his wisdom and tell you that you've done an awesome thing and you should give yourself credit for the success, not beat yourself up for a one time almost slip up.

Besides, I once thought I had this whole anger thing licked, you know. Thought it for years. Then I discovered that I'd just been squirreling it away, which I'm sure you know is very, very bad.

So if learning to process differently is the goal, rather than stuffing it for another day, I'd say you're doing fabulous and you should allow yourself to remain human along the way to Zen or Nirvana or serenity or sainthood.

Feel better soon, Lisa. Oh, and I don't know what that 6 word thing is, but I love the Buffy line. Hilarious.

Kimberly said...


The above is what Becca (age 2) had to say about the matter.

I think that, loosely translated is says, "My mum yells more than your kids' mum!"

Yup. She got it in one.

JCK said...

Happy Holy Week, Lisa.

So sorry you're feeling so sick. But...I have to say, your 6 word linguistics are stellar. Especially love how you threw Buffy in there. Of course! Be well! Get well!

katydidnot said...

the having given up yelling and stuff for lent and then getting larengytis (no idea how to spell that) just proves that god answers prayers, with a sense of humor.

lapoflux said...

Technically you didn't yell right?
It's hard to be alone with the kids - even harder when you are sick. Take good care of yourself and hope you feel better.
6 words:
Spring has come. Snow will melt.

Erika said...

6 words could be your mantra, do you have one... when you try to meditate & go to that place in your head & count to ten & say your mantra? Mine is not 6 words, mine is, "I dont have to respond to everything." I say it over & over.... and i am quiet :)

1. Let the children fight it out.
2. Children get loud, I get quiet.
3. I have time for emergency room.
4. Fighting between sexes is natural communication.
5. Quick! Where's my video camera at?! (wouldnt that be funny, you video tape them in SILENCE! they wouldnt know what to do...) :)
6. Remember in chaos comes loving peace.

Get better! I want to get together for coffee :) Happy Good Friday!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Naps fix everything. Except when it's one of those naps that you wake up from more tired than you were before. Yeah. Those suck.

Cheri said...

I hope you feel better soon.

Six words? Yup. But I really do.