a close encounter with the Obama guy

So when I am not winning parenting awards (just call me Mama Banshee), I have been pushing my tush out the door, willing myself to sweat. I skipped the gym Monday and took a walk; it was windy and sunny and glorious.

(I love fall. I'll say it often. I'm sorry.)

I made my way down the familiar road and came across a strange stranger. It was 93 degrees and he chose a scarf and leather jacket, an interesting choice. I should have known, right then, that I should turn around and nurse my aching tummy on the couch. Practice moaning. But no. I pressed on and met my fate: no crazy person can resist me. Crazies love me.

Maybe it's because I will listen. Maybe I am approachable. Maybe, just maybe, I should practice making mean, aloof faces.

I can't repeat everything the physicist/politician said. He spoke of global warming and traveling to Mars in 3 minutes and Obama and minerals in Africa and the fourth dimension. Apparently we are all motherf****** if we don't vote right and get off the planet in the next 13 years; he warned me he could leave us all behind and I kinda prayed he would. Vanish. Now. And just how quickly could I run to my Blockbuster.

He finished his diatribe, gave me some rap salute and walked away.

So much for clearing my mind.


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Unknown said…
Oh my! I think I would have completely freaked out!
Anonymous said…
What a freak! But, go out tomorrow for the walk anyway. You deserve the fresh air.
katydidnot said…
Wow! That's so great! What fun, I sort of wish I was a magnet for crazy. Would love to know what is going to happen in 13 years that requires us to vacate! Now!
Daisy said…
ohhhhhhhhhhkay. :-)
stephanie said…
I sometimes worry about my constant furrowed brow look, but these are the people it's made for...Peace out.
Anonymous said…
We like to hang out with you. Does this mean I need a hoodie, dark glasses and mutter to myself more?
Lindy said…
good to see I'm not the only one that attracts the crazies.
Suzanne said…
Crazies love me, too. And my sister. And my mom. I think we have a gene that acts as a crazy-beacon. My sister and I actually discussed this very topic today...

I also love fall. I miss the color changes of the east, though. Mountains aren't the same.

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