need more books

I'm on a hunt, tracking down an inspirational tome - something pithy and positive to send the kids off to school with, to offset the standard beseech and screech I'm famous for.

I'm thinking along the lines of 1001 Ways to Clean Your Room So Your Mama Won't Lose Her Everloving Mind. Or perhaps: Better Bickering for Beginners. How about 365 Days of Because Mom Said So?

I think Borders opens at 10. I could be one of those annoying customers, asking for a book I'm sure should exist. Oh, the sweet memories...
Lexi and Zack are headed to my parents' house tonight. I am going to meet some ladies from my church for some gooey appetizers at one of my favorite bars (scandalous, I know) and then, if my poor hubby can muster the strength, I am up for a movie. A date, if you will.

I'm suddenly feeling much better.

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Anonymous said…
Get out your newly empowering post-it-notes and put one on your forehead that says "yes". That will let Greg know that "no" is not the answer :>O

Hope you have a great night in Adult Land.

natalie said…
can't wait to see you in a few short's night out here we come!
Some of these would make fantastic book titles. Get writing!
Lydia Netzer said…
Screech and Beseech! I like that! It makes it sound all fancy and dramatic. Unlike Groan and Bemoan. Which is how I feel about it.

Maybe instead of seeking the mythical advice book, we should be seeking the mythical no-calorie nutella latte and chocolate creme donut! That would make mornings way better around here.

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