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still my favorite spooky pic: the cat and the bat

it's the great letdown, charlie brown

paint and the pullman controversy

last litter

bad mom made me do it

call me grizzly adams

the horror of ponies and a God that laughs

cupcakes for a cause

my neighbor

"now let's make sure Ms. Milton is comfortable..." (Fade to black.)

much like a drowned rat

birthday wishes from Mr. Ed

I can't type; I killed my hands by way of pumpkin


this one time at band camp

pumpkin guts suddenly sound appealing

see you tomorrow

in all their splendor

(d)our (m)inions co(v)ey

the suburban artiste; taking this show on the road, or trying anyway

over the river and through the woods


motion sickness

deep thoughts, on a sunday evening

bug, sharp objects and other dark things

and so it begins

let's talk about something lighter, tv perhaps


get in line


100 words or less: slumber party