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We set out late Friday for the Oregon Coast with some of Greg's cyberfriends he met on a car forum. Greg got us settled into our hotel room before dumping us joining his peeps for car chat and drinks. The kids found the remote and were thrilled to find that they had cable there. Just like home! Which made me wonder why we bother crossing the threshold at all.

I stood in front of the unfamiliar mirror under the harsh fluorescent lights - frowning at my skin, noting the hostile takeover of my hair. Where did all this silver come from? And for a moment, I wanted to pitch a fit, screech about all the ways I don't look the way I think I should. Waaaaah. Then I peeked around the corner and saw my girl, the one who needs me to be a bigger person, a woman of substance. Lord knows if I can't make peace with my hair, my body, what hope does she have when everything around her shouts YOU SIMPLY AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH.

I turned off the bathroom lights and dived on top of them, smooching their earnest faces until they pleaded for me to stop. I tucked them in and wished them sweet dreams.

Then I crawled in bed, steps away from the vast Pacific.

Somehow, that eased my mind.

{You can see my pictures from the weekend here.}

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Suzanne said…
WOW! Did you take that picture of the ocean? What a picture!!!

Glad you had a good time (and refrained from the freak-out in front of the kids).
No. I wish I had taken that picture. (It's a stock photo of a WA beach.)

But I loved it.
OhTheJoys said…
Very timely for me... I keep wanting to "wash that grey right outta my hair".
Daisy said…
It looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!! The west coast is just beautiful -- I swear I could take your photos on Flickr (which are great btw, how cute are you?!? and your kids are just darling!!!) and just plop them with a scrapbooking title of "Dillon Beach" and it would fit just fine. I live in the Bay Area and I swear, your photos look like Marin and Sonoma coasts to me. I had an "interesting" time camping with my husband's family. It was...interesting. Glad to be home though.
This Girl said…
That's a really pretty photo. A get away is always nice, especially by the ocean!

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