bad mom throws birthday bash for wee wizards

bad mom?  more like bestmomrockspartyjustaskmykids
Stephanie conjures up some mystical potion.

the good wizard turns 9
Mason Spencer, 9.


Spagirl said…
Great pictures! I don't know how Stephanie does it all. I wish I knew her secret for staying on top of everything. If you're reading this Stephanie, YOU ROCK!!!!
stephanie said…
Thanks, spagirl, but the fact is it's all AN ILLLUUUUUSION. I'm glad it's working :)

The party was super fun even though my kitchen counter is still covered with dishes and sticky potion splatters...That's what Monday afternoon is for, right? This is me 'staying on top of everything.'
Suzanne said…
Bad Mom is HAWT! (and Mason is a cutie) Smart AND crafty enough to make smoking concoctions... I'm jealous.
Anonymous said…
Great pictures Lisa. That woman of mine can throw a shin-dig. Paige and I are much more low key when it comes to a birthday party. Glad you stayed and your kids enjoyed themselves.
This Girl said…
Wow! That's a party any little boy would love! How creative.

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