better living through sticky notes

Tell my Dad a number, and he'll recite it back to you, many moons later. Pick a date, any date, and my Mom will have some trivia up for grabs. And my sister, well, she remembers what she wore on the first day of school, each year.

I have a few parlor tricks myself; my memory has served me well. But because I have been running on empty lately, and because I am touching papers 37 times, I decided it was time to take action, put some old management skills to work for me.

Over the weekend, I put a new file folder in my kitchen to catch papers from the school. Then, I stocked up on post-it notes, to save me from having to keep track of so many details.


sticky note, 1
A kid's gotta eat. (That's teriyaki chicken. It doesn't look so good here.)
sticky note, 2
A boy's gotta get an education.
sticky note, 3
Or perhaps, a washcloth. Geez, Zack. What a mess.
sticky note, 4
Like she'd give it a rest...

We're giving it a whirl. Next stop, Flylady...

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Cara said…
That was just too funny. I am going to try the post-it note for my husband the next time I go away. Bubbie's will be covered in them.
Thanks for the idea!
Anonymous said…
hahaha. that's what I call pushing the limits, in this case the possibilities of using stickies are endless :-) Thanks a lot for the morning laughter!
Spagirl said…
Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard I nearly peed my panties!!!!! What a great technique, and SOOO Lisa!
Anonymous said…
Daisy said…
heheheh - I love it! I gotta say, I SO wish we lived closeby because I would love to be your neighbor! I'm sure hanging out with you and your kids, with me and my kids would be just too much fun. We have Ruby, who is 5 and Gorbulas who is 3 (not their real names, of course...we all use Hobbit names from to generate our names). Ahh well, virtual friends is nice too though!
Anonymous said…
Glad to see you smile!? There is an entire book on post-it note. An entire book on how they can change your life. I can't remember the title, but maybe you can write the sequel. This is funny.
stephanie said…
I'm totally taking this to school tomorrow. Freshmen with Post-It note reminders on their foreheads...I'm starting with "Make smarter choices." I will resist the urge to place "Be less moronic."

This is so why we're friends and co-leaders. Bring the Post-Its to the board meeting, too!
Suzanne said…
Those pictures are SWEET! You have the most adorable children... dirty faces, hair issues, and all.
katydidnot said…
i am seriously trying hard to resist the urge to post-it my five-year-old son with one that says "free to good home"

i think this new parenting tactic might just serve us all well, thanks for the good idea!
Spagirl said…
Just showed the boys these sticky note pictures. Zachary laughed pretty hard, especially since he could read the stickies!!

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