I've been mulling over a post all day, taking a break and then sitting with my computer again. I've a lot on my mind, posts I want to write, but I can't seem to put it in words today.
I'm adjusting to Greg's travel schedule. It seems to grow.
I'm wrestling with this new chapter in my life, what I want to be when I grow up, which I imagine is now.
I'm waiting for the doctor to call.
{Four days + fever + underlying disease = referral to specialist}


natalie said…
lisa: i'm glad that i started to read your blog...i really am. i'm thankful for your honesty and for the look i get into your soul.

i hope to see you tomorrow....
Daisy said…
I agree with God's Hall Mama (?) or God Shall Mama? Hmm... anyway, I agree with her -- I love reading your blog and I do so each day. Sorry about the travel schedule...I know, it sucks.
katydidnot said…
well...no wonder you can't post-focus, too many actual life things to ponder. hope it all shakes out ok.
lapoflux said…
Hey you - travel schedules can be brutal. That whole "single mom" feeling is really tough. I know Marc's travel was part of the reason we ended up moving home.

And you are NOT a jerk by the way (I was a few posts behind). You are human and allowed to be less than perfect at times. The fact that it bothers you, that you apologized to your kids and that you feel guilty shows just how great a mom you are. I am impressed with how you cope with everything going on in your life with such a positive attitude.

Thanks for the words of support of late. Big changes in our lives and nothing went according to plan (foolish me for thinking it would!)

Take good care of yourself and hope Greg is home so you can get a break this weekend!!

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