Zack sat at a computer at the library last night, playing a game with a headset. I told him I was going find a comfy spot to read, around the corner, and HE SPOKE IN ALL CAPS, REASSURING ME THAT HE DOESN'T MIND, HE JUST LIKES TO KNOW WHERE I AM. (Headset, remember?)

He spoke to the computer screen frequently, prompting me to come over and remind him to use a quiet voice when he is acting like a loon. I settled back in my chair and heard his unbridled laughter. I started to get up again and paused.

Zack didn't talk until he was 3. 'Mama' took months of speech therapy; his early childhood was riddled with special education and doctor's appointments. He had a rough start.

I looked at him last night and sighed. He is a sweet, funny, healthy kid now.

With no volume control.

I am so lucky.
Zack's first day of preschool
Zack's first day of preschool. He rode the bus at 3 like a big kid, and then crashed out until the next morning.


I feel like a stole the CAPS thing from you Stephanie, right out of your email.

But it really does *capture* his tone though...
Suzanne said…
That picture is freakin precious...
katydidnot said…
that is the best photo. i lost my five year old today. totally freaked out running up and down the block. found him asleep (unconscious)on the couch. down for the count!
Anonymous said…
Zack cracks me up when he comes over to play with the kids. He gets Mason's wackiness and volume level.

Great pic. Great contrast to his grumpy piture.


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