my kin

No, I don't come from a pack of wooly beasts. Don't act so shocked.

We took a little road trip yesterday to the Canby Fairgrounds, to the Flock & Fiber Fest. (Don't say it too quickly; you're bound to swear.) And why you ask?

Greg's parents were there with their llamas so we rounded up the kids for a day of oogling fuzzy creatures and dinner.

{You can catch more oogling action here.}


Anonymous said…
ooooo, that looks like a day chock full of a longer blog ;)

Did anything try to spit on you? The llamas can be crazy spitters when they feel surly.

Daisy said…
Oooh, I've heard Llamas are nasty little things. Actually, they're good animals to have around because coyotes and wolves are frightened by them. And, who wouldn't be?

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