Thankful: Day twenty-two

It's hard when you're first married and getting acquainted with your new family. Not that I'm newly married, hardly so, but I remember how much I wanted to impress Greg's Mom early on. To fit in.

I have always been thankful to have a mother-in-law that has always let me be who I am, and do things my own way. I imagine, now that I have a son, how hard it must be to let go of your boy and watch as they ease into a life without you.

So, happy birthday to the woman that raised my husband up to be the man he is today: Kind and smart and hard-working.

Thank you.

My mother-in-law, Marilyn, my sister-in-law, Nikki, & my niece, Adri
Christmas 2006

{thankful for Marilyn}


Sweet; I know that pleasant feeling of loving my in-laws. What a lovely picture of the ladies, too :)
Karen Jensen said…
I am enjoying this series. Thank you for reminding me of abundance.

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