Thankful: Day sixteen

Monday bled into Tuesday and enough with the drama already. Surely today was better, but marginally so and because my complaints are primarily of the petty nature, I feel guilty about being grumpy. Which doesn't help.

The fact is: Schools need funding, and kids fuss and don't always love being at new schools that still need $$ and teachers need help, and I need a new esophagus, and I have missed my old community more after my last visit.

Still doesn't change the fact that: Dinner needs to be made, and kids need hugs, and husbands need attention.

So we move forward.


My friend Jen had some glad news today, and boy howdy does that girl deserve it.

Chit-chatting with her while she was picking up groceries picked me a bit as well.

{thankful for seemingly simple phone calls at just the right time}


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