Thankful: Day three

There was tremendous grousing and complaining about being too tired (hungry/thirsty/oppressed) to take a 2 mile walk with their dear old Mom, but walk we did, along the Willamette, on a nearly 70 degree November day.

There was lagging, and fake falls and enough drama for this mama, but I didn't mind.

Leaves were falling and college students were riding their bikes; babies (unable to voice their displeasure) rode along merrily in strollers while I walked my rambunctious Springer, the one that wants to eat all the geese.

(Hurry. Fly far, far away not-so-little birdies.)

And by the time I snapped this picture on my phone, everyone was in a better mood. Against their will.


{thankful for an opportunity to do what's good for us, even if some of us were unwilling.}


JCK said…
This is such a cool picture with the rays of sun coming down.

Shana said…
Oh, man, have I been there. Who knew we were torturing our children by forcing them to enjoy some sunshine? Shame on us.
It was an amazing day, although I was accused of child abuse. Go figure.

The dogs loved me.
Stu said…
But Mommmmmmmm, walking is sooooo harrrrrd...

Glad you enjoyed your time out you slave driver.
slow panic said…
I love when that happens -- when I drag them out and it seems like the most impossible thing to do and then they end up having a good time.

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