Thankful: Day one

The baby-faced meteorologist was wrong.

No rain on Halloween.

We begged for candy without a coat.

Now that's just crazy talk. Sweet, happy crazy talk.

{thankful for a warm evening, traipsing around the neighborhood with new friends & my kids, while Greg handed out the goods.}


Lori said…
Love the pictures...I think Lexi has grown up even more since I last saw her!! Too cute!!
Erika said…
SEriously HOLY TEENAGER! She looks so cute! And Zach.... i barely recognized him, he really looked like Dracula... The eyes say it all.... scary :) :) :) Love it!!!
JCK said…
So glad all the magic came true. Very impressive pumpkin carving! And, those kids...are big! Happy, happy pictures.
I know! Just a dash of makeup and she's transformed. Of course, most days she is just my big, big 'kid', getting taller every day it seems.
Shana said…
Yes, the mild evening was a treat, wasn't it!? Your girl, holy moly, blossoming into those teen years so beautifully. What are you going to do when, 20 years for now, you're looking for photos of her awkward years to torment her with?
Stu said…
Great pic of the kids and the carvings. The fireput at Jen's missed you and yours.
Beautiful all around, except that you're far from us...
Thankful you had a great time, but my girl and I really missed you guys.

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