Thankful: Day four

I have been under the weather lately, having a miserable flare-up of EE. I had a great appointment today with an allergist, and after being skin-prick tested for 60 foods, we have concluded that I'd give dairy, along with eggs, a break for the next month.

It's manageable, but it will take better menu planning on my part. Something I don't feel ready to tackle just yet, just now.

Good thing I have some trash TV dvr-ing tonight.

The Vampire Diaries
(CW teenage vampire/witch/werewolf show? They had me at Bad Boone.)

Grey's Anatomy
(I dropped GA a few years ago, when Grey's long-lost sister introduced herself during an emergency because who does that? Yes, it's melodramatic, but it's the one show that moves me to tears. Truly. Also, in defense of my Grey's: I love the way last season's finale is still playing out on the show. I like my story lines untidy & messy, like real life.)

{thankful for distractions, and good doctors, and good outcomes*}

*my sister had foot surgery yesterday & all went well :)


Shana said…
I do love me some Bad Boone. xox
Why do I think those two glowering guys are more interested in each other than the girl in the center?
slow panic said…
I dropped Gray's a few years ago. Might need to pick it up again. It was my guilty pleasure. One of my guilty pleasures.

I probably have to many....

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