Thankful: Day twenty-three

We came from a city that really likes to hype up Storm Tracker Snowstorm coverage, commandeering all regular programming when ice or hail or sleet or threat of such weather is in the forecast, so I didn't pay much mind to the mention of possible snow in Eugene.

I mean, we do live at 430 feet. Snow seems unlikely.
So we were all a little surprised to wake to a blanket of snow...
and an official SNOW DAY. Woohoo.
Pretty, huh? But the boys weren't the only ones having fun...
I think Prissy Pants sorta hates me when I put her little coat on her.
Even 7th graders can't resist a day of snowball fights.
And Mama Milton?
I snapped the pictures, and
prepared for Thanksgiving while the kids had a fabulous time playing with the neighbors.

{thankful for snow days}


yogurt said…
I can still feel that childhood excitement of waking up to a "snow day!"

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