Thankful: Day nineteen

Nineteen days into my quest, and I'm becoming incoherent. I tried googling something cute for Friday, but I came up empty-handed so here's a hodgepodge of things I liked about today:

  • Serving at the Harvest Family Feast today at Zack's school, donning gloves and a little apron while skads of folks came to eat lunch with their littles.
  • Eating lunch with Zack after I served, although he was in a bitterly sour mood, and wasn't the best company. I made up for it by visiting with my neighbor friend.
  • Remembering that I began working for Borders 9 years ago today, at a time when my family really needed the extra income. I met amazing people during my time at the Gresham & Vancouver stores; it was a great 5 year run.
  • Early morning walk with the dogs before the rain rolled back into town.
  • Sake and crispy tofu at PF Chang's with my family, followed by what else, but a stroll through our Borders.
  • Friday Friday Friday in all its glory.
{thankful to be home with my family on a chilly November night}


Lori said…
We're looking forward to Thanksgiving!! Can't wait! :) We are thankful for you!!
flutter said…
I'm thankful I know you
JCK said…
Thankful for your stories.

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