Thankful: Day six

I never was much for football.

And then I moved to Eugene, home of the Oregon Ducks.
Now we are living in a university town, during a very exciting time, and I find myself - ME! - screaming GO GO GO for my ducks every week. How did that happen?

If you think I'm excited, you should see these two.

(First home game at Autzen Stadium in September, weeks after we moved here.)

{thankful for relaxing Saturdays, watching football with my family in Eugene}



JCK said…
I've never been one for football either, and not sure that will change. However, it is great to see you embracing your new home in all aspects! :)Looks like a fun family time.
yogurt said…
Just this week I heard a glowing report from a few people who traveled to Oregon. Said the coast line was beautiful. They loved your state. Really makes me want to see for myself :D
Jessalee said…
I'm not one for football at all, but I love the Ducks! We tend to go over to my mom's house to watch the games every week, and we scream and holler throughout the game. Those watching would be me, my mom, my grandma and my 8-year-old boy. That always amuses me.

Love that you're loving Eugene. :)

P.S. Did you watch today's game? It was a good one!
Shana said…
I'm not a big sports fan in general, but something about going to a college game, be it football or basketball... there's always such great energy and the enthusiasm is contagious. GO MILTONS! I was going to say GO DUCKS, but, meh, wasn't feeling it : )

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