Thankful: Day seven

Two football posts in one weekend, further proof that an alien life force has abducted the real Lisa, but who's to say. Pod-Lisa loves rooting for the underdog, watching a group of rather inexperienced boys come up out of nowhere and win the city championship.

Other-Worldly Lisa cheered and teared up at today's game at a high school field. She even heard real Lisa's son's name announced at the Kidbowl.
The only good thing about being replaced by an impostor alien-self is you don't have to stand in the rain.

The rest is golden.

{thankful for such an amazing season, with a gifted coach and great kids; even more thankful my hubby got to be there for it all}


Erika said…
SOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! So very very awesome ;)
Loving these grateful posts!

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