Thankful: Day Twenty-six

I don't do Black Fridays; years spent in retail has left me extremely disinterested in that sort of chaos.

I do snails. Or at least the kids do, gathering 'families' of 'Garys', making homes for them in the backyard on Thanksgiving. Well, until Caden accidentally stepped on the mama.

(She spent the rest of the afternoon looking through the ads for a replacement shell.)

Greg finds these things repulsive, though more dignified than the common slug - at least they have the sense to cover themselves - but then again, who likes a slug?

{thankful for the small things & big imaginations}


brandy101 said…
I have "pet" aquatic snails in my pond and frog habitat. I have common little pond snails and the more impressive Japanese Trapdoor snails, that are fascinating to watch as they putter across the bottom of the pond, vacuuming up algae.
JCK said…
I'd rather hang out with snails than retail chaos any day! :)
yogurt said…
I do find their silvery paths entrancing. But that's about all of a slug's life I need to see.

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