Monday, June 04, 2007

Yikes! Stripes: A Cautionary Tale

A rapid application of sunscreen before two soccer games = white stripes.

A rapid application of self-tanner, you know, to cover up said stripes = brown stripes.

[Fool-proof? Mwahh ha ha. Yeah right.]

I'm a mess.

I'm headed to the zoo this morning with Zack's kindergarten class. I shall blend with my zebra kin-folk.

At least it is supposed to rain this week.

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!! Didn't use the Sensaria self tanner did you?!?!


sognatrice said...

Too funny. I mean, I'm sorry and all, but you do paint a rather amusing (striped) picture ;)

Kelly said...

My husband did this only on a tanning bed. I about died laughing when he told me he was getting ready for pool season by going to a tanning salon. But when he came home all striped up...bwahahahaha!

Yes...rain is good.

Scribbit said...

My kids checked that book out once and for some reason it disturbed by four year old :)

I thought it was funny but she didn't like it. Must have freaked her out or something.