Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eat at Joe's

Last night we dumped left the kids with my sister and we headed for the river for dinner. The host seated us on the deck; he seemed amazed and genuinely impressed that we were celebrating 13 years together.

(Because we are so youthful.)

Because marriage is tough sometimes.

I stand with the host tonight - amazed, thankful. Greg gets me and I think I understand him. We laugh, we joke, we still like to hang out.

I am blessed and lucky.

The kids didn't share my sappy feelings when we arrived to take them home. They grumbled and growled and begged us to go away just a little longer - the trampoline was almost assembled in Aunt Lori's backyard and we were ruining their evening.

(Their evening. Those little darlings.)

But the roses were mine.

13 roses

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SusieJ said...

Very Nice. Glad to see this. I'm tagging you for the one word meme.