Friday, June 08, 2007

Conversations with God

It is summer - time for parks, hikes, BBQs and camp. I don't watch TV this time of year. AND YET. Studio 60 had a ALL NEW episode last night, just when I thought it went the way of the dodo. It brought out the ALL CAPS in me.

I stink at reviews so I will spare you all but this: Studio 60 is the only primetime show I can think of with a Christian woman that prays on the show, talks about her faith that can't be quantified, without acting like she is just off the prairie or dons a bonnet. I'm not issuing a fatwa against prairies or bonnets - if they work for you, fine. But I need a Harriet. I need to see a Christian living in the city, with a sense of humor, a belief in God; a woman that loves the people around her and doesn't build a wall around herself. I need a Matt. (He looks a lot like a Chandler to me.) I need to see a man struggle to understand the woman he loves and the beliefs she holds.
I need Studio 60.

In last night's episode, Harriet stopped to pray during a crisis. It was awkward. My eyes felt the urge to roll. But I wonder why. I struggle with prayer. I feel like an idiot when I lead a prayer, even among friends. I struggle with how to pray when I am alone. Friends ask me to pray for them, their love ones. And I try. I do.

Yet, I wonder: Am I doing it right?
Did I miss the prayer portion of the ministry program?

I try to quiet my heart. I think about those in need. I ask God to help. I thank him.
I hope it is enough.
Oh, I almost forgot. As promised:

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Jason Hill said...

I think you just described the exact reason the spirit does the translating for us. (Rom. 8:26.

And I agree about Studio 60, that is some good TV. I only find myself rolling my eyes when Harriet is explaining her devotion to God while lying in bed with her boyfriend. .:sheesh:.

It will be interesting to see if God gives Matt an answer.

missy said...

Ah yes, I know that struggle to pray as well. I comfort myself in the fact that He knows my heart, He knows my struggle to connect with Him, He will meet me however far I can go.

Sorry to say we gave up on Studio 60 a long time ago! Hubby couldn't stand the liberal agenda being spewed and complained the entire time we'd watch. Finally I gave up just to get some peace and quiet! :)

Lisa Milton said...

Thank you both.

Jason - I did make a squishy face when Harriet and Matt were discussing Christianity in bed too.

(BTW, I am curious to hear how the raw diet works for you...)

stephanie said...

I'm telling you, Anne Lamott's onto something with her "Help me, help me, help me" and "Thank you, thank you, thank you" prayers. It works! And is so easy to teach...

My youth group knows me well as the "Fast Prayer." As long-winded, short-story-long I can be in other situations, I am AJ Foyt when it comes to praying aloud...