Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Gee, who am I anyway?
another 37
I imagine that depends on who you ask. I'm a Wheeler girl from a small town, Greg's wife, Lexi and Zack's Mom, and a woman that loiters at the elementary school. I'm a bookseller, a ministry major, a friend. I'm the wanna-be gym rat; I'm the one caressing the laptop. I'm the one with the worn out library card.

I've got me some different hats.

My closet is filled with my little sister's hand-me-downs.

I haven't read Harry Potter.

I'm obsessed with pumpkins.

I miss Buffy.

{I'm bound to rewrite this. Stay tuned.}


Zack & Lexi. They call me 'Mama'.

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving with my side of the family.

Before the Silent Auction

Mr. Hubby and me.


Lori said...

I had a feeling your template was going to change soon. Hmm...what's in store? Do you like your hand-me-downs? Or would you call those hand-me-ups, since you are older?? Hmm...

Talk to you soon!

Oh, The Joys said...

You are the cutest of the cute is what you are! Dayum!

sognatrice said...

What a fun post, and I'm sure you've been told this, but you should read Harry Potter. I resisted for a long time, but then I got desperate with no other reading material in English...and now I'm hankering for more HP.

Melanie said...

Yes! Resist the Potter! And Viva Buffy!

Also, you are totally adorable and I would never, never mistake you for the mother of a 38 year old. Or 15 year old, for that matter.