Sunday, June 03, 2007

Using God against me

Zack, 6:01 am: Mama. Mama, I'm so hungry.

Mama, always teasing: And I guess you think I will feed you.

Zack: Yes, because you are my Mommy.

Mama: And Mommies feed kids???

Zack: Yeesss. It says so in the Bible.


stephanie said...

Wicked children, learning to read and manipulate like this...Who are their parents?

I'm hungry, too. Does it say my husband has to feed me??

parent of a morning person too said...

Isn't there also a passage about "taking the rod to kids whom waketh their parents" I'm sure it is in one of the exciting books like Numbers...


SusieJ said...

I guess they've got your cornered! By the way, I linked your flu advice in a post this week about the cold virus we were sending back and forth -- and everyone loved your sock remedy!

Anonymous said...

So, did you feel obliged to feed him? I hope so, or lightning may strike you down!