Friday, June 22, 2007

Rat- tat - tat

My brain is empty, with little to offer. The few, the proud, my brain cells, were sacrificed to the end-of-school gods; the ones that beckon with Awards and Assemblies and Parties. Oh sure, a couple of lines would blaze through my mind this past week, and I would start forming a Post. But then I would come to and clap while the trophies were divvied up.

It was a week of paying attention.

Zack and Miss Holmberg
Zack and his teacher on the big day

the boys (Aunt Lori)
Zack and Austin on Father's day (Aunt Lori too).

Lexi bridges up
Lexi bridges to Junior Girl Scouts

Greg, father's day
Greg on Father's Day


I'm off to get groceries. With proper care and nourishment, I hope to boot up my brain and reclaim my status as a superawesomerocking reliable blogger.

1 comment:

lapoflux said...

Looks like a busy week - too much to comment on, so your brain took a break?
I am impressed that you manage to write as often as you do!