Saturday, June 30, 2007


I got tipsy last night. For the record, I can't remember the last time I had to concentrate to walk to a bathroom at a restaurant.

Jack Daniels, I thought I knew thee. I guess we have drifted apart.

I'm a lightweight these days.

Lexi and Zack spent the night with my parents last night so we could go to a wine tasting. We had a great time.

We hung out with friends, drank up and laughed a lot.

Hurray for summer.


I posted some shallow thoughts at MtMS too; alcohol is calorie free, right?


Stu said...

We are so glad that you and Greg could make it out. Thanks for hanging out with The Woman later. I know she can be hard to drag out of a bar sometimes ;)

We all need to try it again sometime soon.

Thanks for the pre-function eats, they were yummy.


Lisa Milton said...

We had a great time. Rest assured that hanging out with The Woman (Your Woman? A Woman? It sounds wrong when I say it) is always a pleasure.

Have a great time blowing up stuff.

(Be careful.)