Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Threats and false accusations

Zack: Blah, blah...kills me. Blah, blah...I'm going to kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.

[Methinks my son has settled on a favorite new word. He does not watch The Sopranos.]

Day after day...

MM: Zack, I don't want to hear you say 'kill' all day long.

MM: I said stop saying 'kill'.

MM: Please say 'live' or 'resurrect'.

MM: Hmph*^#$@@!

This morning...

MM: I've made it pretty clear that you need to stop threatening to kill things/people/villains/invisible friends. Even pretending. 'We' don't threaten people.

Zack: What about Corbin Bleu?

MM: What??? Why would we want to hurt him?

Zack: You threatened to kill Corbin Bleu on Sunday!! Remember?

I know I was sick Sunday, but rest assured, no casual threats were coming from my lips while my rump was planted on the sofa.

Not in front of the kids anyway.

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Stu said...

I might have a hard time not wanting to "kill" Corbin too. I am assuming that he is from American Idol? Not to sound totally out of the loop. That web site made me feel sick to my stomach violent all at the same time.

Good luck with the reprogramming...

Scribbit said...

My kids thought I was insane. They'd play their games and when they said "kill" I asked if they could say something like "destroy" or "take down" or "do away with" :)

I'm such a neat freak.

stephanie said...

Corbin Bleu makes me feel weird. And old. It's hard not to say "kill."

You could start a word pool, like I do with my poetry students. "Annihilate," "exterminate," "obliterate." Those are good 5 point words right there.

Best of luck.