Sunday, November 09, 2008

veterans day parade

We weren't alone in the rain, honoring our vets.
To the men and women, who have served and continue to serve: Thank you.

And to those who make our lives sweeter, serving here too.
(Bad Mom clapped for every single entry in the pouring rain. She likes the street cred afforded by the title of being Bad and all, but between us, she's got a heart of gold. Shhh.)


The Girl Next Door said...

A parade. That would've been an awesome thing today. Tonight we prayed for the vets and the soldier - and I wondered why we don't do that every night?!

Nora Bee said...

I love that you went to a parade. I did no such honorable thing.

Saucy said...

Yeah, really, I never thought she was that bad to the bone. We'll let her keep the name though.

Amy the Mom said...

I love that top photo!

flutter said...

thank you for this