Monday, November 24, 2008

of turkey trots and rambling


That's how I would characterize November and all this striving is exhausting. This trying and falling short has made me nervous too, and insecure, and there's nothing I like less than when I'm dwelling on whether or not I'm measuring up.

But I'm still posting every day and writing - although I've decided that 30 days just isn't enough for me to crank out a novel. I hate admitting that aloud, but the twists and turns writing this month have moved my story along, and for that I am grateful.

I am also hosting Thanksgiving this year, and there isn't enough wine in the world to ward off my Grandma's criticisms. Knowing she will be hovering, asking why I did this and why I didn't do that doesn't exactly relax my mind or build my confidence, but in the end, it is dinner and there will be food and fun and family. And if I'm honest, that's really all I care about: Down time with my husband for four days, lots of food and remembering just how fortunate we really are, even if I 'do it wrong' by a certain matriarch's standards.

(There will be no nasty Jell-o salads offered up. Oh the scorn! Oh the drama to be heaped upon my head.)

I had mentioned to Greg some weeks ago that we should also host a big turkey trot, down by the lake. We would gather at the shore and get our blood pumping before the big feast.

After clarifying that I wanted to go for an early morning hike in November, most likely in the rain, when we could sleep in like sane people, he said he would support ME doing anything I like that morning, as long as he could stay in bed and watch football.

I can't say that I blame him. He's always up early, traveling, running on fumes.

But like most things I took on this month, I'm itching to give it a try even if it's just the kids and I and a lonely lake.

Sometimes you have to keep moving.


Saucy said...

If Granny wants Jell-O salad, Granny should get out the kettle right now. Or, to quote my Grandmother (to my mother several years ago):

"You know, you can be a good cook when you put your mind to it."

.... 'nuf said.

Bee Repartee said...

What? Thanksgiving is not a true celebration without a jello salad. (or Mayo layer salad, from my childhood..don't ask)

I bet your turkey turns out lovely and yummy.

I'm so happy I'm not the only one bailing on the Nanowrimo. I just can't get it done, but I am going to read Stephen King's book on how to write. I don't read his genre albeit, I think he may know how to sell a book or two. :)

By the way, no worries about Friday. I didn't read the email until Sunday, that's the weekend I had. ~sigh~

FYI. Maryhill makes a Gewurztraminer that can be found at Fred's. PERFECT w/turkey and only abt 8 bucks for a bottle. YUM.

Happy Thanksgiving.

phd in yogurtry said...

I get the disapproving matriarch thing, and sympathize, except its not MY mother, if you catch my drift. In life, some people don't understand that it helps to see there is "a" way and it isn't necessarily "the" way.

brandy101 said...

Hey no Jello products on my Thnaksgiving table, either - so you can tell granny that *Chic people in Chicago dont do wobbly salads for Thanksgiving,why should I?!*


Have a great week!

flutter said...

keep on truckin babe

Jennifer H said...

Feel like I'm falling short here, too (said buh-bye to those 50K words)...but you're right, you just have to keep moving.

You have a beautiful family, and lots of creativity and ambition. That will keep you moving forward, and we're cheering you on, always.

Shana said...

I am hosting as well. I put "bring your walking shoes for a post-meal turkey trot" in the email invite. My husband sent a follow-up email to all of our guests that said, "Leave your walking shoes at home and bring your cash for Texas Hold 'Em."

So goes my turkey trot. Good luck with yours!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

You almost made me think running in the cold rain might be a nice idea. Wow, you're good :D

Let's see each other sometime during break, alright? But don't make me run...

[Sending heavy doses of calm your way; I have some to spare today, remarkably]

missburrows said...

oh! I had been thinking of doing something like that too! The Oregon Zoo has an official one. But of course, I will be away.

Stay warm!