Friday, November 14, 2008


I was last week's mystery reader in Zack's second grade class and I was treated like a rock star when I read Beware of the Storybook Wolves, by Lauren Child.

Rock. Star.


Zack told everyone I am a writer and I answered earnest questions posed by earnest 7 year old boys and girls, about my life as such.

And while I was riding high on the Second Grade Adoration Express, Zack decided to mention that one time, I 'said the 's' word at him because I was being a BAD MOMMY'. To the entire class. And his teacher.

With that, I was deflated but bounced back with record speed, proving I could too have a career in politics, as I steered this press core back to books and reading and literacy and I AM TOO A GOOD MOMMY except for the times when I am not and I say bad words about messy rooms.

That'll teach me.

Thankfully, they didn't hold my imperfect ways against me and Zack brought me 23 thank you notes, on orange paper to suit my pumpkin-loving fancy.

I'm keeping these handy. It should help quell my foul mouth.

Here's some of my favorites:

Dear Mrs. Lisa,
Thank you for coming and reading to us. I hope that Zach loves you and you love him. That book that you read us, I think I sort of like the book. Love, O

Or how about:

Dear Mom,
Thank you for reading us that wolf book. You are very nice! Thank you so much! I hope you come back with a better book! Your son, Zack
(We're clearly going to have to work on that exclamation point addiction he is developing. *sigh*)

On that note, I'm off to remedy what some people - I'm looking at you, son - consider to be my iffy judgment in the book picking department. It's nothing an afternoon at the library can't fix.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oh my, I burst out laughing. Twice. Out loud.

phd in yogurtry said...

I'm pretty sure Zack made the teacher's day b/c every teacher needs to laugh! (and you know she says it under her breath on "one of those days")

Madge said...

sounds like zach keeps you on your toes. cutie..

emilyhn.blogspot.com said...

OK, thank you for making my friday morning listening to the beatles, getting ready for a crazy day, even better. BTW I am an self proclaimed exclamation point abuser, I have tried and tried but I can't shake it. Too much enthusiasm isn't so bad, right?!

Suzanne said...

So cute! And I'm sure that's nothing the teacher hasn't heard before... so I wouldn't stress too much.

so NOT cool said...

That was so entertaining, yet I really feel for you in that moment when it happened.

Heh. Still, thanks for sharing.

The Girl Next Door said...

Excellent! Loved it! I can't believe he outed you in front of the class! Do you want to shoot me now! Or later!?!

Seriously adorable story. And like Cheri, I laughed out loud. Best sign of a great post.

lapoflux said...

I love the thank you notes!!!

As for the Zack outing your use of the s word... I am shocked Lisa! Really. I NEVER use ad language in front of my kids. Oh yeah, except for that fish (hee hee).

Glad your week ended better than it started!

Saucy said...

I dig thank you's from grade schoolers, they are on-point if nothing else.

Shana said...

They did not heckle you? Success! Congrats!

Nora Bee said...

You are a rock star! I'm so impressed. And I have a little exclamation point addiction myself....

Tricia said...

This is delightful. There's nothing like a group of eager children to make you feel like a star, even when you're outed and chose the 'wrong' book. Actually, knowing that you occasionally revert to swearing probably made you even more of a rock star in their minds.

I have a comma addiction. Can you help with that?

Beck said...

HAHAHAH! Oh gosh. I've actually had my son introduce me as "his mom, who swears a lot." Thank you, my child.