Friday, February 22, 2008

for our fallen brethern

Several of my favorite local bloggers are sickly right now; down right grounded. I myself had to throw away some perfectly good spring rolls after they were contaminated with fever spittle while eating lunch with Zack last week.

Glassy eyed classmate: I *cough cough* missed school *cough cough* all week, *takes a drag off his oxygen machine* but my fever is only 100 *passes out...revives* so I came back *cough cough* today.

He leans in to say something to Zack, over my lunch and hacks. Bye, bye lunch.

So, in honor of the ill among us, I've got some suggestions, to pass the time. Find yourself an able body and send them to Blockbuster, stat:

I picked this up on Tuesday and CAN'T WAIT to finally see it tonight. It's one Greg wants to watch too, but the guy gets up in the dark and leaves at 5 am each day, so any flick over 2 hours must be saved for the weekend. Yes, we are old(er). Hush. We settled for Lost last night...

Michael Clayton gets the nod, despite the fact that I was disappointed by this Oscar nominated show. I liked it, I guess. Meh. But George Clooney + Nyquil can't be wrong.

Remember when I bemoaned the cancellation of the Black Donnellys? I loved that show and wept when it was cut off at the knees while American Idol continued to fill the airwaves. Anyhoo, Ben Affleck's directorial debut filled that gritty empty spot. Casey Affleck was amazing, and the final scene stayed with my for days.

So drink up that tea and get better fast. The Oscars are nearly here...


stephanie said...

I'm drinking tea as fast as I can! Which, unfortunately, isn't very fast when I hobble around the house like Mr. Burns.

Thank you for loaning me Michael Clayton, though. I think you'll like La Vie en Rose. Didn't we see American Gangster together? My brain is muddled...It's really good.

Must sleep again. Thanks for the shout-out.

Kimberly said...

It's a sick, sick world out there. In more ways than one.

CamiKaos said...

you're such a sweetie...

must drink more tea.

Mrs. G. said...

We are on the same wave length. I picked up American Gangster and Michael Clayton this afternoon. I'm looking forward to a night of movies.

Beck said...

The idea of being all drugged up and watching movies is a tempting one....

Erika said...

Oh my word - GONE BABY GONE! No wonder Jen Garner fell in love with Ben. Funny AND Smart!?!? How great is his directorial debut!? Ok dont miss his FUNNY quip to Matt Damon/Sarah Silverman skit on JIMMY KIMMEL live after the oscars on sunday!!!! i think we will be BAWLING with laughter.

But back to the movie. Totally didnt think i could watch something like this - but no gore, no visuals, its smart, its tricky, unexpected & I fell in love with Casey Affleck TOO! I could have done without the whole relationship with Michelle Monyhan, but... whatever...

I will check out American Gangster...

Loved that JUNO won for best movie at the ISA tonight - and Ellen Page too! Although I dont think she will win the oscar tomorrow. oscars are so political. I do want to see that Laura Linney/Philip Seymour Hoffman sibling movie - know what i am talking about? did you see it? he won best actor tonight...

Thank GOD we are not sick over here, just dealing with 7 year old angst about lack of inclusion thereof at "friends" Friday birthday party. Sucha bummer & really continues to play on her happiness (sigh)....

Off to Eugene tomorrow to visit friends & celebrate THEIR 7th birthday. Oh all the places on my list I want to drop by, and the food my husband has requested I bring home is a CRACK UP! Good food down south, i tell ya!

JCK said...

Now, can you "settle" for LOST. Methinks not, my sistuh. Looking over Sawyer & Jack ain't bad, but then you know I am OBSESSED.

I haven't seen any of your movie selections, but looking forward to it!

Sam said...

The beginning of this post is so funny! It draws a great mental picture.

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