Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my home girl

Day three of the Barkathon 2008: Non-stop coughing punctuated with chitchat about penguins and/or rabbits. We are an obsessive people - we, Miltons - but rarely over the same subjects, making it hard for me to keep up my side of the conversation.

I'm drowning in penguin pictures; fluent in rabbit factoids.

One might ask: Why don't you send her back to school? She sounds lively.

She's not. She's just meeting the prescribed tween girl word quota. It's built in the genetic code.

So, here we sit, waiting for Martha Stewart Living to air; something to quell her mind while I can't do the same for her cough.


Kimberly said...

Delightful even when sick, eh? You've all the luck. =P

lapoflux said...

Good luck with keeping up with her active brain. We're on day 3 at home too and we went to reading group at the library because I needed someone else to keep Julia entertained for 30 minutes!
Hope the barking subsides!
We bought a great Martha Stewart booklet full of easy crafts to do last week... it looks great!

Stu said...

Maybe I could send The Boy over. He has already had The Ick so is immune and you know he could keep up on the word count.

P got her Ick all out of the way in 2 days in her quiet, stoic way. I could send her too.

Hope the house gets back to 'normal' soon.


Anonymous said...

I've heard that there's another nasty one going around, but so far we've not been hit by it.
Give Lexi hugs and kisses from us.

John-Michael said...

The word COUNT never gave me a problem. The problem began (and escalated!) when the word TEMPO got into the exponential increase mode.

How many times I said "Dad's ears are 33 1/3rpm, you are speaking 78rpm!" (Which, of course dates the heck out of me ... and was completely disregarded.)

katydidnot said...

girls. they are exhausting.

flutter said...

freakin cough.

JCK said...

The cough sounds awful! That is really cool that you can chill and watch shows together. You have to remember that watching shows with my children is ....Thomas, Max & Ruby, Dora..you get the picture.