Thursday, May 10, 2007


We finally gave in and ordered DVR - some TiVo derivative. It was like selling my soul to the Devil himself, I was so sure I would watch even more useless TV. My brain would fall out of my ears and then who would raise these kids?

I am watching less TV. Less morning talk shows that tick me off; less 'news' channels. I used to feel compelled to be tuned in, just in case something 'big' happened. But I am over it. I feel brain damaged when I hear the same Paris or Anna Nicole story regurgitated.

(I use a lot of 'brain damage/bleeding/falling out of the ears' when I explain to the kids why there are TV limits. They quote me to their friends. We don't get asked back.)

I still have some favorites. I watch old Buffy episodes while I fold laundry. Greg and I watch Heroes, Lost and 24 together. I was watching the Black Donnellys until NBC pulled it out from under me. Tragedy.

But I still get my Irish fix - The Riches. Oh, Miss Minnie Driver is delightful. I am smitten.

And that leaves Grey's Anatomy. I've been hooked from day one. Can I say that I hated the final 5 minutes last week? That slap - I almost cried for Meredith. Yeah, I know she isn't real. Shut up. (We don't say that at our house, but I can type it.)

I love sweeps. I love the finales.

Then I will be renting movies like mad, catching up.

Ooh, I will be watching this.

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