Friday, February 08, 2008

exit evacuate exodus escape & now, EXCELLENT

This is my favorite t-shirt; I've had it for years. It's really a woobie.


I haven't quite figured out how to use my new tripod & focus. My camera outwits me every time.

I bought it when I was pregnant with Miss Lexi, although we just called her the 'bean' back then so really, I looked more like this:

no, not really
Isn't my hair scrunchilicious today? Don't judge.
Fine. I cannot tell a lie.

with a little help from pillows & towels

That's extra padding, folks.
When I went into labor on a Friday, we whispered 'Exit, Evacuate, Enter our world' as I walked around the hospital and then the mall.

By Saturday, I begged for Exoneration and perhaps, an Escape.

By Sunday, the 'E' on my bosom stood for Elation & Ecstasy when we heard: 'It's a girl!'

My favorite Bad Mom and Daisy have awarded my humble blog with a mighty E for Excellent! I couldn't be more pleased. I'll wear it with pride, ladies. I'll wear it with pride.


And my blog has officially hatched too. Thank you, kindly, Bradley.

(I have some awards to dole out soon. Excuse me while I ditch these pillows.)


Minnesota Matron said...

That IS a most excellent T-shirt that you look quite good in, even preggers. I have MUCH to say about the Lent issue but as we all know, I have a kid who needs a ride to the theater, big time. Matronly fun will wait till after bedtime!

Lori said...

Aunt Sissy,

You're goofy and silly...


Missy said...

I am laughing hysterically at the pictures!
The E shirt is great! :)

stephanie said...

It's so awesome. I mean - EXEMPLARY.

Those pictures are rather wacky...Have you been in the rum again?

P.S. I really like your scrunchilicious hair!

Mrs. G. said...

I like all your E's. You have such a nice face.

flutter said...

you are a nut.

Erika said...

You crack me up! I love it! Ok two things, the shirt inspired me, to check out my new shirt: http://store.barackobama.com/product_p/ts00102.htm

I think politics way too much, there's no way, you are thinking, that you spurred thoughts to THAT shirt :) but alas... that's how the mind works.

And 2. We call Emma, Emma Bean! Now we just call her Bean! I will have to teach you the song about your Lexi Bean (My daughter Lexi, likes to roam, one day Lexi left our home, she came back nice & clean oh where oh where has Lexi Bean? You go on with different beans - kidney, lima, pinto, green, you get it :))

JCK said...

Like the pics. Good that you kept it. And your hair is luscious.