Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mount Barclay Project: reading, wRiting & rice

Sunday morning I set out to write a post, whining about cold tootsies and the search for cocoa the night before, selling girl scout cookies outside a grocery store. I still stand by the original sentiment: It sucked. It was cold. There was crying.

But after hearing two young men speak at church - one from Liberia, the other from Sierra Leone - I decided to not hit 'publish'. It just seemed tacky.

(I went on to post a bunch of frivolous pictures the next day, so I don't believe I will be winning a human rights award, any time soon.)

I want to pass the experience on; the wars in Africa made flesh. I don't know how. We have all heard it before. The genocide. The boy soldiers that walk in the shadows, traveling at night. The girls forced into prostitution, burdened with babies and STDs.

And I feel helpless in the face of such enormous problems. I want to turn away, because what can I do? One person.
Saah Joseph, Mount Barclay Project

I picked up the kids and the line at the PLAN Loving Adoptions Now, Inc. warmed my heart, gave me hope.

PLAN fosters open international adoptions, but they are also providing humanitarian aid to war orphans, providing medical care, food and schooling for thousands.

One hundred percent of the donations go to the school. My cynical heart doubts, so afraid of scams. But to do right, to maybe, just maybe, make a difference.
It's worth a shot.

Pictures from PLANS' website.


susiej said...

Nice, sometimes, how things just get put back in perspective for us, isn't it.

Kimberly said...

A healthy dose of perspective indeed.

Time to stop whining just because I don't like my most recent hair cut, I think.

Thanks for the information too.

Daisy said...

Very nice reminder of what truly matters: human beings.

My heart breaks as well...and I also say, "What can *I* do? Just one person?" Hmm, haven't figured that one out yet.

Mrs. G. said...

It's definitely worth a shot. Definitely.

Beck said...

That sounds like a very wonderful charity - and you're right about perspective, definitely.

katydidnot said...

perspective is a wonderful gift.

lapoflux said...

Thank you. I was having a day (Week? Month?) where the perspective was missing.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear some good with all the bad. I just saw the movie Blood Diamonds the other night. I know it's through Hollywood eyes, but still it made me think. Now I need to get out there and do. Thanks for the info.

flutter said...

This is fabulous, Lisa

JCK said...

We had a man from Liberia speak at our church on Sunday, too. For a second there I thought...are we at the same church. Just in spirit, apparently! :)

This was a great post. It is all unimaginable. But, definitely worth a shot.

Lisa Milton said...

I fixed one of the links. I am having a tough time with my computer so if I don't respond to your comments or emails, it's because I am in the dark.


Margerie said...

Thank you for the story and the link. I need to get out of my little comfort zone sometimes!