Thursday, February 21, 2008

cracking the books, little milton edition

It wasn't until I met Mr. Ford, that I gave math a chance. Most years, teachers would sniff out my bibliophile status and start baring their teeth; I was a lost cause.

Ford didn't try to convince me that I would in fact be using obscure math concepts in my everyday life as a bestselling author or minister in the church of Christ.

(Guess who is laughing now?)

We found each other amusing - he loved math and long distance running, kill me now - kept it light and I started getting perfect test scores. Me. Who knew?

I'm trying that approach when doing homework with Lexi is trying my patience. With a little help from my friends:

Tracy, from Being European-ey , sent Lexi this fun math book for girls, with recipes, and real-life applications that sneak the 'nasty' stuff in. Like those cookbooks.

Lexi's eyes grew wide - someone, in exotic CANADA - bought her a book.

We can't wait to put this bizarre curriculum aside and have some fun with numbers.

After we drank tea, and put in our math time, we went through our stack of library books.
Zack went straight to the index of the insect book, looking up pupae. I asked him where he learned to do that and he raised an eyebrow and said: 'Um, you of course'. Poor boy looked stricken, worrying about his daft mother.
We then read The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Suess, aloud, because we all needed a dose of Cold War rhetoric before bed. I didn't remember Suess being censored so Zack scores points for bringing home a controversial picture book. Not easy to do.

And not to be outdone...

Lexi managed to spruce up her reading with a little sex ed. Now with sprites.

The world really is full of wonder.

Thanks Tracy for sending the math book. She was stunned.


Lisa Milton said...

I apologize for the weird spacing...I will try to fix it later.

What's up Blogger?

Mrs. G. said...

I'm too sexy for my sprite...I couldn't resist.

Yay math!

Stu said...

I like the tip in the book about the sex of a sprite; "just ask" Remind her to not try this on a "Pat" or "Chris" person. That question may end badly.

My goodness, the spacing......



be able to

you blog any more until
you get that fixed.


katydidnot said...

was there something wrong with the spacing? i was too distracted trying to prep for the next s-e-x talk with the adolescent boy. right, that didn't help.

The Egel Nest said...

I had a teacher like that in high school...Mr. Lester...he had no idea how much he helped me appreciate literature...I should call him and tell him :)

The Egel Nest

flutter said...

what up indeed!

stephanie said...

God bless those Canadians - pretty money, cute accents, and looking out for their southern neighbors. That was super kind of her, and I'm glad Lexi is giving math a go (without tears or gnashing of teeth).

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