Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Those Milton genes, or why chlorine smells a little like a metaphor

I sat today at the pool, praying for sun. I know those suffering in record heat might find my prayer incredulous, but it has been cloudy and raining off and on. I was born and raised Oregonian, so I am aware there's some law against whining about gray skies, but it's August folks and my kids are learning to swim outdoors. Be kind to them, Lord. 'Cause it's August.

I watch them and my own swimming lessons come to mind. I remember laying poolside, practicing strokes, listening to the instructor. Waiting to dive. Swimming underwater. Treading water.

I am peculiar when it comes to water activities. There are only a handful of things I actually like to do and none of them include playing mermaid at the bottom of the pool. But I made it through all this before - I just didn't like it, and I wasn't a natural.

These are clearly Greg's kids.

They are always willing to swim, no matter the weather, no matter how tired they are. They don't beg to sit out. They love it.

I watched a retired man swim laps for a time. He made it look so easy, so effortless. It may be worth remembering that a lot of training goes into his fluid moves. It takes time to become that graceful.

That's something even a terrestrial woman like me can appreciate.


Tara posted some great pictures of the kids playing put-put golf today. Supercute!


zdoodlebub said...

Just a lurker, but had to comment. I'm also not a natural swimmer but I learned. However. The smell of choline. Still give me butterflies. Physical memories to all the anxiety I had about putting my face in the water.

zdoodlebub said...

whoops, chlorine. got interrupted by kid emergency - arm stuck behind a heavy bed frame. we're ok now.

This Eclectic Life said...

Brings back memories. I'm not a very good swimmer, but I love to do so. I don't like diving! When I learned to swim, I refused to go near the diving board. My He-Man instructor thought I'd get over me fear if he dropped me into the water head first off the diving board. It didn't work. I'll keep my fingers crossed for good weather for your young'uns.

Daisy said...

Brrr - Oregon! I hope you had good weather! Relish it...swimming lessons season is almost over (thank God, I can't take any more 20 min there and 20 min back commutes for a 30 minute lesson!)