Monday, August 20, 2007


It's safe to say that I am not much of a shopper. I would like a better wardrobe, new things, but I know that buying clothes is hard and expensive and well, often depressing. I would like the Mary Poppins of fashion to descend upon me and give me some sugar and dress me up accordingly. I'm out of my league.

So, Lexi has been expressing some dissatisfaction with my mall neglect. I score well in many areas and she is still young enough to admit she likes to hang out with me, but she needed Aunt Lori to take her to the mall today to do what people do there - shop, hang out, _______. (Beats me.)

She followed me about this morning, looking like a cute little Nancy Drew, with the Ikea catalogue in one hand and an ad for some creepy collector's item baby doll. (It then was stuck on my fridge next to the ad for striped sheets at Macy's THAT MUST BE CONSIDERED.)

ikea infiltrates the milton household
I think this wanting things stage may send me over the edge.

{PS: She did have a swell time with Lori. Maybe that will scratch the itch.}


Lori said...

That's funny. I find it’s so funny that sisters can be so different. I love to shop and the mall. When I asked Lexi the last time she had been to the mall she said in the spring. I told her that she could come with us more often, as we go at least once a week. Yep, the boys and I go there at least once a week, with our routine (Disney Store, McDonalds, gumball, bouncy ball at Old Navy…and a few places that I might want to go to also…including my FAVORITE store…NY & CO).

I'll fill in the blank about what we do at the mall. We look at, feel and try on clothes. We search for great deals (my favorite part), we get gumballs out the machine...and a nice lunch at the food court to top it off (although I didn’t know that chicken, noodles and a rootbeer could cost almost $7…Lexi is a spendy eater!). All these things are so wonderful to me and there isn’t a place that I like to go to more!

I must say though, as much as Lexi is driving you over the edge, she was quite timid and quiet once she arrived to that fabulous place called "the mall". I showed her the sheets in person (the ones that are hanging on your fridge) and she was horrified that I asked for help from the employee. Lexi was not too interested in the sheets once she saw them in person. You could probably throw that picture away (although the sheet set is on sale for $14.99 for another week – regular price $40!).

Sometimes it’s good to see things in person after looking in magazines to realize that it's not that great after all. Hope I haven't started a shopping monster in her...although I think she liked it. I think. Can’t wait to take her again – hope it scratched the itch though to keep you sane.

Aunt Lori

Suzanne said...

Holy cow, Lisa, she is precious. Very Nancy Drew indeed (I couldn't tell if she was wearing penny loafers...)

Anonymous said...

And to think, she hasn't even hit middle school yet. Isn't "The Mall" the teenage hangout? Just wait...


stephanie said...

I'm pleased with how we were able to avoid the scourge of Barney in our house, so I look forward to curbing the mall fever, too. Of course, it's easier when they can't drive...

I've been thinking of something to offer when they're teenagers - maybe a trip to Mexico during Spring Break (with us, of course, but 50 feet away at all times) - if they do 95% of their shopping online and buck the trend of hanging out at the mall.

It's a work in progress; I have a few years. You guys can get in on the action if you want.

SusieJ said...

What a cute girl -- and I hate to shop too. So, maybe it's best I hae boys. Spiffy outfit.