Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bitter Bessy

Move over sleepyhead, and get outta the way. Make room for the new girl in town - meet Bitter Bessy.

Bitter Bessy was looking forward to a few days all on her own while her kids frolicked at her folks' house, soaking up the Grandparent-y affection and love. And blueberry picking. Bitter hoped to work out a little (a feeble attempt at virtue) and then spend many many hours drinking coffee and losing herself at Powell's Books. And then Bitter was going to see if Mr. Doesn't Know He is Bitter Yet wanted to meet her for middle eastern food downtown. She was going to skip the hummus menu and sway him with the belly dancer portion of the evening.

Then Grandma Not Bitter But Could Be Swayed called to say that her dang Durango died. A good daughter would have said nice things to the one who brought her into the world, considering she was the one stuck on a scary rural road. But Bitter Bessy whined about rain on her parade. Because that's how she rolls.

Bitter slept on it and decided that the last useless swimming lesson could be sacrificed so she could make the trek to the marooned Grandma and fun would be had by all.

Bitter felt better and perhaps a little sweet.

(Sometimes a little time alone is all the mama needs. See also: getting up with the sun.)


lapoflux said...

Thanks for your last two posts - they have me in tears and I needed a giggle.

Stuart is starting to learn to read and I know my days of missing small details are almost over... sigh.

I am sorry you didn't get your time alone, I think there should be some cosmic rule that children suddenly want to play alone, quietly and not fight from say 3-4 pm so that Mum's head doesn't EXPLODE.

Hang in there. And hope you get the Middle Eastern food!

Scribbit said...

You too? I'm a Powells junking myself. LOVE the store, I'm a sucker for used books.

Daisy said...

Here here! Mamas need time alone! There is something I call the "Hemlock Hour" which is that horrible time from 4pm - 5:30pm when the kids are going bonkers. Either I'm taking it, or they're gettin' it!

Hope you had a chance to relax! I got my 45 mins of complete silence in Tahoe when hubby was working out and both kids were napping (more to come on that). Nice wine, book, cheese, Tahoe air... ahhh nice!